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Would you like a cup of cinnamon turmeric latteThe cold days ain’t over yet so I still enjoy warm drinks so much (alright I admit; I like this all your round..). Last week I decided I wanted something else than my daily cappuccino with almond milk. The result? Delicious and healthier coffee; cinnamon turmeric latte. Have I told you babes lately how much I enjoy the herbs turmeric and cinnamon? They are my favorites and that’s partly because they are so powerful for your body and health. Shall I tell you how to create your own cup of cinnamon turmeric lattePlease continue reading.


When it comes to drinking coffee I will always give you the advice to limit this to a maximum of 2 cups a day. This is what I normally do as well. Coffee is delicious but your body isn’t the biggest fan of caffeine. By adding these herbs to your cup of coffee you create a healthier energy boost and besides that;it’s so yummy! Turmeric is one of the most powerful herbs in existence (read all about it) and I love it so much that I even created (the bestselling) the Simplici-Tea BOOST tea blend. Have you tried this tea combination yet? Use the code “healthywanderlust” for 5% off your total order.


  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 1/3 tbsp turmeric
  • 1/3 tbsp cinnamin
  • Dash of almondmilk
  • Optional: a few drops of agave syrup


  1. Make yourself a cup of coffee and add this together with the almond milk, cinnamon and turmeric to the blender.
  2. Mix well for about 15 second on high speed.
  3. TIP: ofcourse you can also choose to mix everything by stirring with a spoon. I just prefer it this way.
  4. Poor into your favorite coffee mug and add a little bit more cinnamon (or turmeric) on top.
  5. TIP: you can also whip up some milk with a little extra turmeric.
  6. Combine your cinnamon turmeric latte with a self-care moment just for you!

What your favorite kind of coffee?

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