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Hi babes, nice to see you again! It always warms my heart to see you and many others visit Healthy Wanderlust (again) to check out some of my post and recipes. So you, you just made my day a little better. I hope I can bring you a little more joy by sharing 20 random facts about me and I’m guessing you didn’t know a lot of these things about me yet. Curious? Keep on reading!


  1. I started a blog a few years ago and then deleted it after a few months.
  2. I always mix everything that’s on my plate together. Life is to short to only eat one thing per bite!
  3. When I traveled to the USA for a couple of weeks everyone on the crew ended up calling me the crazy cat lady. Probably because my sister used to put my cat in front of the phone when we would Skype.
  4. Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year (alright you might have noticed this already..)
  5. I’m addicted to watching vlogs.. Here I said it.
  6. My parents filmed my entire youth so I could basically see how I grew up from month to month. Love this and will definitely do this for my own little ones one day.
  7. I love surprising other people.
  8. I truly think that the little things in life mean the most.
  9. My favorite kind of music is Jazz music. Granny-alert!
  10. One of my favorite things to do is to plan new travel trips. Even if I’m not the one going.
  11. I randomly check out Airbnb (receive a discount with this code!) every once in a while just to have a look at the best Airbnb interiors.
  12. I’m really (really!) bad at replying to Whatsapp messages. I keep apologizing to my friends about this, guess that will never stop.
  13. You might not believe this but I actually don’t like to cook that much. I just love to come up with new recipes, photograph the dishes and ofcourse; eat!
  14. I used to be a HUGE fan of The Sims when I was younger. The only thing I did was building and decorating houses.
  15. I got my hair curled when I was a teenager which made me look like a poodle for a good couple of weeks. I ended up changing it back.
  16. I hate arriving late so I almost always end up getting everywhere way to early.
  17. I used to work with children for many years.
  18. I have watched the serie FRIENDS over more then 10 times.
  19. I’m absolutely horrible at math. My boyfriend always has to help me out.
  20. I believe that you can achieve everything that’s on your mind if you believe in the power of your dreams.

I hope you found this fun te read and I would love to hear some of your random facts. Don’t hestistate to share them with me babe and I hope to see you soon!


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