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Ahhh.. those days. Those days were your energy level just won’t help you to be as productive as you would like to be. No worries, don’t be to harsh on yourself, because we all know experience days. The good news is: there are some simple tricks for instant more energy and no-no-no it doesn’t involve a good cup of coffee. So how to feel more energized throughout the day? Try one of these tips for more energy.


1. Drink a cup of SHINE or GREEN POWER tea.

These blends will help you to fuil your body and feel more energized. The unique healing herbs have superpowers and that might be just what you need on days like this. SHINE will help you wake up and get ready for a brand new day. Rise and shine! It’s in the name.. you see?  Make sure you drink up on tea or water because that could also be what your body is lacking off and why you feel so tired.

2. Wash your hands with cold water or even splash some water in your face.

Running some cold water over you wrists can give you an instant energy boost and ofcourse splashing some cold water on your face will do the same trick. Now I understand that the last option isn’t really a great idea when you are not wearing waterproof mascara so in that case I would suggest you to stick with your wrists and hands!

3. Get some fresh air.

Get up and go for a short walk. It’s even better to head outside for some fresh air but as long as you get moving. It will help your body to get in action mode and that will make you will feel more alert and awake. You know what the best and most fun way is to get more energy while moving around? Turn on your favorite music and just dance your but off!

4. Listen to your body

If you haven’t been feeling good or energized lately that might be a way of your body telling you to slow down and get some rest. Why not plan some moments of me-time and self-care. You know what could help as well? Taking a short break or a nap. Even taking a nap for only 15 minutes can make a big difference.

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