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Have you started the new year for healthy new year’s resolutions? Way to go! Since it’s much easier to tell yourself these resolutions than to actually do it I thought it would be a good idea to help you a little. How to get (back) into the healthy rhythm? Healthy Wanderlust to the rescue. Embrace these tips and it will make creating a healthy rhythm much easier. Also make sure to check out all the healthy recipes on Healthy Wanderlust to create a healthy way of eating. Ready to change your lifestyle and feel good about yourself (again?).


It can be quite tought in the beginning to get (back) into the healthy rhythm, but also keep in mind that the beginning is in most cases the hardest part.A little preparation goes a long way so before you jump into the new healthy rythm try to ask yourself a couple of questions. Why do you want to live healthy (again)? And what can YOU do to make this happen? Where do you want to start? You don’t need to change every part of your lifestyle at the same time, sometimes its easier to take this process step by step. Be realistic when writing down your goals because this will keep you motivated. There’s nothing worse than feeling disappointed in yourself and that is absolutely not necessary as well. You can do this, always.


Like we said before; a little preperation goes a long way. The same goes for your mealprep game. Make it a strong one babes! Plan your meals ahead so you know for sure that you will eat healthy that week. The reason you will be sure about this is because you can buy all the ingredients you need to cook/prepare all your meals for the next couple of days. No more unnecessary snack moments because you can’t find something else to eat. By mealprepping you will also make sure to have enough healthy snacks to take with you during the day.  Read all my mealprep tips on Healthy Wanderlust!


Quit the sugar! Yes, you have to. Your sugar addiction is probably one of the reasons why you keep eating unhealthy. Try your best to always have healthy snacks around (like veggies or unroasted nuts) or prepare them yourself. How about these healthy pumpkin bliss balls? Those are perfect to take with you. On the go snacking! When you decide to quit sugar (as much as possible) and you start working out you will definitely start losing weight as well. Besides that your body will also be very thankful for this change!


Last but not least.. Please make sure to drink enough water throughout the day. Your body needs this to stay healthy and to fuel you up with enough energy to enjoy your day. If you get tired of drinking only water every day it’s great to mix this with healthy cups of Simplici-Tea tea. These tea blends are all created to have healthy benefits for your body and mindset. 

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